'Color is a power which directly influences the soul'
Wassily Kandinsky

HelloWelcome to STUDIO-CHROMA 

a west coast fine art and design studio - no project too big or too small!

STUDIO-CHROMA was founded to provide artistic solutions that are reflective of personal taste & lifestyle as well as budget. 

As an artist with a fine arts and graphic design education and professional creative background, I'm proud to share my portfolio with you. We, at Studio-Chroma understand the importance of the right creative fit and that selecting art is a 

personal choice that can be affordable without sacrificing artistry or quality. Our passion is ART, in all it's wonderful

variations. Great ART speaks to your heart & gets your message across in a powerful way. It can transform a space, bringing positive and uplifting energy that will compliment and complete your surroundings. Whether it is a group of several subtle black & white photographs that transport you to your place of Zen or the bold energy of a large, textural abstract piece, whatever your choice, collect and buy art that you connect with, art that you love. It's a reflection of your identity, personal or corporate and whatever your vision might be, we are sure that you will find just what you are looking for while being provided with an informative and fun experience.

If you're not quite sure of your preferences, let our extensive artistic expertise work creative wonders!

Here on our site you will discover a visually compelling presentation of unique and original art in three distinct portfolios -

Paintings, Photographs and Mixed-Media

if you are a designer, decorator or architect and are planning a home or corporate renovation or construction, we understand the importance of a client's brief and budget, the elements of interior design and how combined aesthetics can enhance and rejuvenate. Images that work should offer all of the best features of fine art as well as design and this is an exciting opportunity for you to check out and buy some awesome art, commission original fine art or join us in an innovative collaboration. We are familiar with Pantone color systems and trends and are proficient in a vast array of creative mediums and graphic design software platforms with the capability to artistically modify and personalize existing imagery. We love working closely with buyers and collectors, building connections based on communication and flexibility and look forward to creating new and exciting art for a wide and eclectic client base with unique residential, public and commercial projects.

If you are local to the Vancouver area and looking for 'immediate' art, drop us a line with general information on the project you have in mind and we can put together some creative ideas or bring samples to you. If you would prefer to drop by the studio, we can arrange a visit at your convenience. 

Interested in commissioning artwork? We will work with you regarding style and colors, taking into consideration the

distinct qualities of your space and we can provide you with a complimentary digital room 'mock-up' showing you how the art will look in your setting. Simply want some creative input & advice? We offer free no obligation creative consultations. 

Our strong artistic experience, innovative creativity and outstanding customer service sets STUDIO-CHROMA apart and we are committed to making sure that what you select will work for you and that you will have the confidence to move forward with us. STUDIO-CHROMA will create something beautiful. Guaranteed!

We will make your fine art purchase a wonderful experience, because with the right connection great things can happen. 

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Get in touch with us via the contact page to request a guest log-in code to access the latest fine art.

Lillian Black


Artist, Creative Director



701 West Georgia Street,  Vancouver BC

Recognized by the Decorators & Designers Association of Canada, Certified Interior Decorators Intl & IARC

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